Mama Love Yoga London welcomes you to our friendly yoga family.

We are proud to have created a welcoming community for mums of all abilities, shapes and sizes. 

Our embodied dynamic yoga classes are designed to increase your fitness, STRENGTH and flexibility, whilst giving you to SPACE to focus on your mental and emotional well-being.

Our on demand subscription gives you access to exclusive and regular new content, unlimited access to a library of recorded classes tutorials so you can develop your practice at home, or wherever you are in the world!

We also co-host Mama Lab Retreats for Mums so join our mailing list to be the first to know of new wellbeing events! 

Classes are open to ALL and with flexible payment options to suit everyone.

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About Mama Love Yoga London Founder – Sara Smyth


I am a South London mama with a passion for all things yoga.

I started my own yoga journey in 2007, initially practising Astanga and Bikram yoga before discovering Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga, a vibrant yoga style which stretches and strengthens your whole body.  My practice has evolved following study with Dylan Ayaloo, Forrest Yoga guardians, Jambo Truong and Sandra Heider, and mentorship with Naomi Absalom. I am now just as interested in feeding my soul through yoga as moving my body.

I have 3 children, a fully grown man-child and 2 little girls. I continued to practise adapted dynamic yoga during the latter two pregnancies for general fitness and to counteract an old sacroiliac joint injury from my twenties which was aggravated by breastfeeding and carrying my babies around. Due to a regular yoga practice, I feel strong, flexible and more balanced.

Yoga and Massage Qualifications

  • Sonia Sumar Yoga for the Special Child (R) course in London in May 2016
  • Yoga Nidra for the Special Child and Adult at Special Yoga Foundation in October 2016. Yoga Nidra is a conscious deep relaxation practice. It calms and balances our mind and body and helps to settle disturbances in the nervous system
  • 200 hour Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with Dylan Ayaloo in October and November 2016
  • Forrest Yoga CET with Jambo Truong in March 2017
  • Forrest Yoga Mentorship with Jambo Truong in November 2017
  • Assisting CET with Craig Norris in March 2019
  • Raynor Deep Tissue Massage Course with Dave Taylor in May 2019
  • Forrest CET with Sandra Heider & Anita Jasser in June 2019
  • Mentorship with Naomi Absalom January to June 2020
  • Science Of Wellbeing with Dr Laurie Santos, Yale University, December 2020
  • Pregnancy & Shiatsu Massage with Wellmother, October 2020
  • Perinatal Yoga CET with Poppy Perinatal, November 2020
  • Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization, University of Pennsylvania, May 2021
  • Enhanced DBS certificate

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