Creating Sacred Space in 2020 with Sara Smyth


 Yoga led by Sara Smyth, tasty snacks and nutritional guidance by Lindsey Whistler

Book your space!

  • Sunday 2 February 2020
  • 10.30am to 1pm
  • £35
  • Price includes ceremony, meditation, Forrest Yoga inspired practice, assisted Savasana plus a nourishing drink and healthy treat prepared by local Nutritional Therapist Lindsey Whistler. Lindsey will join us after our yoga practice to advise how you can start your nutritional wellness journey and create sustainable health goals.
  • Community room at the West Norwood Library and Picturehouse / West Norwood High Street, SE27DJU
  • You may like to bring a pen and paper and a cosy blanket for Savasana
  • All levels welcome

What happens when we give ourselves the gift of space?

We have room to grow, it’s as simple as that and the possibilities are wondrous. If we are honest, we know deep down what path will serve us best but, in order to tap into our intuition, we first need to create space in our bodies and our minds.

Ask yourself – what would you like to manifest in your life in 2020? Love, Abundance, Adventure, Health, Creativity?

Join Sara Smyth on this 2.5 hour workshop to tap into your innermost desires for 2020 and experience the transformative effects of Forrest Yoga through ceremony, meditation, breath work and asana.

We will practice postures to calm and focus the mind and to gently reset the pattern of the breath, releasing any physical, mental and emotional tension that no longer serves us. The asana practice will “create space” in the whole body. We will practice poses to lengthen and open the body and to strengthen – grounding us so we can be truly honest. Sara will also offer a long assisted Savasana to each student, with your consent.

This is your practice and only as strong as you want it to be. There are modifications for all levels.

After your practice you will be treated to a tasty and nourishing drink and snack prepared by local nutritional therapist, Lindsey Whistler, who is passionate about nutritional health and wellbeing. Lindsey will share her top tips on how to create sustainable health goals in 2020 and beyond.

This workshop is suitable for all, from beginner to seasoned yogi.

*Forrest Yoga is a unique blend of ceremony, powerful poses and spiritual intent and invites us to use our yoga practice to transform our daily lives.

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