Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga



  • Simply book in as usual AT LEAST 10 mins before the start of the class.
  • Your link to sign in is on your booking confirmation. 
  • Feel free to join up to 15 mins before the start time and we can have a chat or you can rest in Savasana.
  • If you are new to the class please do sign in early so we talk about any restrictions for your practice.
  • The class will be recorded and sent to you by email, viewable for 7 days, in the event you can’t make the time or you have a technology meltdown!

Thanks so much for your support,



2019/2020 SCHEDULE

MONDAY  @ New West Norwood library 

8pm to 9pm – The Community Room @ West Norwood Library and Picturehouse

WEDNESDAY @ Dunraven Primary

7.50pm to 9pm – The Studio @ Dunraven Primary School

SUNDAY @ New West Norwood library 

9am to 10am – The Community Room @ West Norwood Library and Picturehouse

We also run regular Wellness Workshops  to deepen your yoga practice and explore the transformational and healing benefits of yoga.


Dunraven Primary School – Third floor of the Small Hub at the primary school, which is on the corner of Leigham Court Rd and Mount Nod Rd. Entrance is via the gate directly opposite the pedestrian crossing. You will see the orange Mama Love yoga banner to the left of the gate. You enter through the second gate which will lead you into the playground. Walk across the playground heading for the door which has the pink walls. There will be a sign placed on the door which you need to use and it will be open in advance. Please use the stairs to the third floor. There is free parking on the streets around the school.

West Norwood Library and Picturehouse – West Norwood High Street, SE27DJU. Community room at rear of building. Sunday morning entrance is via the side gate to the right of the building and door beside the disabled parking bay.

**Reduced timetable during school holidays**


Mama Love Dynamic Yoga classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to seasoned yogis and welcome men, women, mamas and non-mamas.

Challenging, rejuvenating and relaxing. Your special ‘Me’ time of the week but without the hangover! This is an energetic class influenced by Forrest yoga to strengthen your body and balance your mind. Poses will flow smoothly from one to the next and, unlike Ashtanga, it won’t follow a strict series so no two classes will be the same. Every class will have a physical and mental intent to nourish your body and soul.

You will be guided through a flowing sequence designed to work every part of your body, finishing with a long deep relaxation, leaving you energised and ready to take on the world.

Every class will include tips for modifications, assists to help you get the most of our each pose and, where time allows, an assisted Savasana to lengthen and relax your body.


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