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I once went to a yoga class where the teacher asked us to think of something in the future that we were looking forward to. A holiday, a social engagement, finishing a course maybe. Then he pointed out that all the things that we were anticipating involved an element of change – a change of scene, a new beginning, a new experience.

With the changes of seasons well underway, I have been reflecting upon change and how we can feed our soul and come closer to our dreams with small but powerful changes.

It started with a small change this morning. I arrived a bit late for my Sunday morning yoga class to find, horror of horrors, someone had TAKEN MY SPOT!! I always place my mat in the same place, right on the far edge. Even the teacher noticed and gently teased me that I would have to be in the middle instead of my ‘safe spot’. So I placed my mat in a new space, right in the middle of everyone, and decided that this minor, slightly silly change was going to be a positive one and would benefit my practice today.


My current yoga nemesis pose (and everyone has one) is the Wheel. I find heart opening poses challenging, physically and emotionally,  so my mantra to myself today was ‘I am open to change’. I had a really lovely, energised practice. I would love to tell you that I flew up into Wheel and held it for several hours but, no, I still found it challenging….BUT….I didn’t panic beforehand, I opened up my chest and heart and I held the pose for longer than usual…which, people, is a small but significant improvement.

Even after practicing yoga for a number of years I still have to remind myself to take things slowly. Working towards our hopes and dreams takes time to achieve. This can seem overwhelming, sometimes crippling us with fear and negativity. But if we always start with what we CAN do now and gently tug at the edges, taking ourselves out of our safe spot, then those small changes will eventually lead to lasting transformation.

And who knows what we can achieve then?!

Have a wonderful, peaceful day,


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