Mama Loves…going with the flow

I have wanted to write about this for a while now as it took YEARS to click and it has completely changed my practice.

Breath and flow.

I haven’t mastered this by any means and this blog is simply sharing my observations and what ‘breath and flow’ means to me.

You may already know that the definition of the Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’ is ‘Union’ or ‘Connection’. To be in a state of ‘Yoga’ is to feel connected, joyful and blissful. Many think of it as a connection between our mind, body and spirit.

So how can we achieve this state of connection?

In dynamic yoga, each pose flows fluidly into the next. When we synchronise our breath with each movement, fully relaxing into each pose and breathing deeply, we experience a powerful physical and mental connection.

A flowing practice heats up our body, and as well as being a good physical work out, it encourages us to let go and literally ‘go with the flow’. It is like a moving meditation.

Personally, doing two things at once (moving and breathing) uses up most of my mental space, so when I manage, it is a really peaceful experience. The monkey chatter doesn’t get a word in. But achieving this for any length of time isn’t easy and it does take practice.

I find it hard to sit still and just ‘be’ so a flowing yoga style with the added meditative element really suits me. I also find it hard to remember to breathe in general so again a style where you are focusing on your breath with each movement is a winner.

And this is the important bit. Your breath is the key to unlocking the magic within you.

I will just leave that hanging there cryptically and return to this another time.

So, breath and flow. This was supposed to be the theme of my very first class, completely over-prepared of course but I just decided to ‘go with the flow’ in that one and I think it worked much better for it.

Me and two of my three little sun beams. My children always help me feel connected with mind and body. Usually by poking me in the eye then slathering me with kisses.

So what have I learned from the ‘breath and flow’ of yoga?

That sometime we just have to stop thinking, stop struggling, stop planning for every eventuality, stop worrying about every possible outcome…and trust the universe to take us on our wondrous journey.

Sometimes what we need to do is nothing at all, which can be really difficult to accept.

But how light, joyful and relieved do we feel when we do?

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