Massage Therapy


Massage Therapist, Sara Smyth


Welcome to Sara Smyth Massage Therapy.

Sara is a qualified massage therapist and works with each client to provide a tailored and holistic bodywork therapy. The treatments offered are:  

  • Deep Tissue massage / a holistic deep tissue massage with sports therapy techniques to relieve tension and pain in the body
  • Pregnancy & Shiatsu Massage / a nourishing massage to support a pregnant person during pregnancy, birth and postnally.

Sara is also an experienced yoga teacher and often incorporates simple exercises and breath work into the massages. Click on the links to find out more about private yoga sessions and group classes.  

All therapies will take place in Sara’s home treatment room in Beckenham, South London.

To book your massage please contact Sara at

You can read Sara’s other 5* reviews on the Sara Smyth Massage Therapy Facebook page or by searching on Google Reviews.  

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