Why choose Mama Love Yoga?

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about my teaching. I didn’t really have any expectations when I started 2 years ago, I just felt really bloody lucky to have students coming to my class – and I still do!

The reality is that yoga teaching is a job and, being self-employed, I have to constantly work on marketing my classes or no-one will know about them. My own practice dwindles from time to time, so I try not to take it personally if numbers fall. I can beat myself up and get into a fug about not being good enough or…decide to kick myself up the ass and get my business head on.

There is so much competition out there and studios are opening up all the time, so I have asked myself, honestly, what makes Mama Love Yoga classes different?  A few of my students have kindly contributed to my list in their own words.

1. #Metime Yoga – challenging and relaxing!

My original idea for my classes was to offer yoga for mums, to strengthen their bodies and give them their power back after having children. To give them a time and space in the week that was just for them. The classes have evolved and are also open to men and non-mums too as I realised we are all in the same boat! We all want to have strong, healthy bodies and space to simply be.

“I’ve just been to my first class and can’t wait to go back; challenging, rewarding, relaxing. Everything you could want from a yoga class!”

2. A relaxed teaching style

The classes are all a really friendly bunch of local mums and dads who often know each other from the school run. Chatting is encouraged and no-one, including me, takes it too seriously. Yoga should be fun and time-out after a busy day.

“Love the laid-back approach and the fact everyone is welcome and at all levels

3. Flexible passes and no monthly fees

I understand that my students have a lot going on with work and families so I offer a 5, 10 and 20 class pass which can be used over an extended period of 10, 20 and 15 weeks. I don’t expect students to block book consecutive weeks and the time limits encourage a realistically regular practice.

4. Hands-on teaching

I love hands-on assisting so students get the most out of each pose. I give regular assists during a long Savasana at the end of each class to lengthen the entire body and aid relaxation.

“I love the last 10 minutes…I like the fact I come out of your classes feeling like I have had a workout but am also totally relaxed.”

5. A full body experience

I care deeply about the entire experience of my classes, from the minute students walk into the room, I aim to create a relaxing, safe, enticing space for all the senses using subtle lights, music and aromatic sprays.

“I really really enjoy Sara’s classes. She puts so much thought into creating a serene and tranquil space, from her fairy lights to her peppermint mat spray, it shows how much she cares about the overall experience for her students, as well as the outcome. I also think her attentiveness and hands on approach helps to give me the confidence that I am in safe hands. Her classes never feel competitive nor pretentious as her manner is very down to earth and relaxed.”

Classes start again on Monday 29th October and, except for a break on 31st for Halloween, will continue until Monday 17th December 2018. To encourage a regular practice in the lead-up to Christmas, I am offering 25% off class passes to be used by the end of the year. The code is YOGABOD25.

I hope to see you on a mat near me very soon!

Sara x

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